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3droga.pl- The portal of nationalist ideas

3droga.pl portal was founded by a group of Polish, radical nationalists representing the Third Position movement who wanted to improve the quality of the Polish nationalist community and create broad platform for mutual discussion and interchange of ideas. We try to connect the depth of Third Position thought with radical activism. Thanks to our everyday hard work, our portal became one of the biggest media of this type in Poland.

Therefore, we have the ambition to extend our formula not only to Polish but also to the European nationalist community. Today we open a column with English articles, interviews, reports and analysis on our portal. All materials will be inserted by teams of our translators. The following column will be regularly supplemented with more articles. We encourage all interested European nationalists to cooperate with us and send their articles in English at redakcja@3droga.pl.

Conversation with Third Way: „We are not elitist, we are the people and we talk to the people.” Mario Machado, head of portugal New Social Order (ENG)

„Our revolution certainly won’t be won in the democratic elections”- our interview for Portugal nationalists from New Social Order (ENG)

Bartosz Biernat: Times of Test Civilization (ENG)

Filip Paluch: Depositaries of the ideology (ENG)

Conversation with Third Way: „The European man and woman is under attack on all levels” James Porazzo, the head of the New Resistance (ENG)

Conversation with Third Way: „We don’t live in the past. We live to win in the future” Raphael Machado, the head of New Resistance Brasil (ENG)

Conversation with Third Way: „We are something like a political elite group” Santiago Isidro, the head of New Resistance Spain (ENG)

Conversation with Third Way: „The idea is to fight cultural terror with cultural terror” Ritchie, the head of Zwart Front (ENG)

Bartosz Biernat: Duce and Sonderaction Krakau (ENG)

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