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Conversation with Third Way: „The European man and woman is under attack on all levels” James Porazzo, the head of the New Resistance

Before we will go to proper part of our interview, please tell us few words about yourself. What is your name? Where are you from? When and how did you become a nationalist/traditionalist? Why you chose New Resistance?

My name is James Porrazzo. I’m a first generation American on my father’s side and a second generation American on my mothers. I’m from the NYC area, but have lived, and worked as an activist, all over our country. I first became involved in radical politics in my early teens and led for a long time America’s first real National Revolutionary group American Front, which we eventually disbanded and reformed as New Resistance. I’m New Resistance’s founder and international leader – although in practical terms our movement’s leaders in the countries we are active in operate independently as conditions demand. We are as much as family as we are a revolutionary movement and our bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood go far beyond the political.

How would you describe ideology of New Resistance? What is the main foundation of it? What aspect of your ideology is the most important? What figures inspire you the most and why?

I would describe us as National Revolutionaries first and foremost. Our ideas are expressed in a very easy to understand way in our NR Manifesto, which I suggest anyone interested in our movement come to OpenRevolt.info or some of the many others places it has been posted and take the time to read. I would suggest our opposition to international capitalism and globalism is the foundation of what brings most of us together. And the idea that we can, and will, build a better world. My own biggest inspiration are people like Joaquin Flores and Raphael Machado who have also made the commitment to build New Resistance and who produce stunning, brilliant work everyday. I’d then add people like Christian Bouchet and Alexander Dugin who helped open my eyes to correct revolutionary positions in the late 90’s and remain comrades. Then I’d give you Debenoist. Penti Linkola. In the spiritual world Alain Danielou on one hand and Ragnar Redbeard on the other. If you want some historic figures D’Annunzio, Jack London, Marinetti and The Futurists, Baader-Meinhoff and too many more to list.

What is an essence of movement New Resistance in your opinion? What is the most important for your organization? What things distinguish you from other groups and associations?

I think we are addressing today’s questions in quite unique ways. We aren’t shackled by past ideologies or by worrying about stepping on people’s toes or offending past orthodoxies. It’s pretty obvious our movement is unique in these ways – we also stand apart in that we value both the idea and the fist. I can’t think of another movement who share a devotion to both deep thought and a commitment to break a jaw if it needs to be broken, like New Resistance does. Usually when you look at a “nationalist” group you get one one of the other – intellectuals or fighters – in New Resistance we see both qualities as essential parts of the revolutionary experience.

How many members, your organization counts? What is your attitude towards questions connected with recruitment of people? New Resistance is a kind of mass movement? Or maybe it is elite group?

We keep our number of members close to the chest for security reasons. Our approach to recruiting vary on the situation on the ground in the country we are active. Here in America, we work on developing an elite group much more than a mass movement – something which current conditions are not open for. We are very selective of who we associate with and know a small number of the right people can accomplish much more than a large number of the wrong people. Quality over quantity is the mantra we repeat to ourselves again and again.

What is your opinion about ideological/physical/spiritual formation of your activists? This kind of fromation is important for New Resistance? If yes, tell us more about how it looks like.

It’s important than our people are ideologically sound. This doesn’t mean they need to read a thousand books or experience “analysis paralysis”, but they need to understand and believe in our Manifesto as a starting point and have a grasp on basic good geopolitics. We have a demand for our people to work on their physical fitness levels and their ability to defend themselves – and those they care about if need be. We are a militant group not a book club. Spirituality is encouraged, but on a personal level. There’s an extremely wide range of religious and spiritual ideas among our cadres, along with atheists and agnostics. People who try to come into New Resistance with a religious agenda don’t last very long. This isn’t a place for priests, monks or nuns no matter their religion.

How looks your activism? On what basis you conduct your actions and campaigns? What is your main aim which you want to achieve by your activism?

We engage in all kinds of activism, with different purposes and goals. Probably the majority of it is aimed at awakening potential revolutionaries on one hand, while discrediting the System and its lies on the other.

What is your attitude towards modern form of propaganda (I mean here: social networks, music, graffiti, counter-culture etc.) If New Resistance is active on such fields? Or you rather dont take it into consideration?

We encourage all these kind of areas to be explored and developed. If a cadre has a talent for any of these things he or she should use that talent for the cause.

Unexpected election of Donald Trump for the president of USA was for sure a great shock for international public opinion. What is your opinion about Donald Trump? Do you think that his election can be connected with some good changements or maybe your attitude towards him is rather strict and critical?

We are a movement primarily concerned with the interests of the white working class. So we view billionaires with extreme suspicion. The System itself is corrupt from top to bottom and we don’t have any confidence in the idea a true outsider would be allowed to sit on its throne – and how much of an outsider could a man worth 4 billion dollars be? Of course we agree with a few things he has said and done, and he is preferable to a Hillary Clinton. But this is very far from an endorsement.

New president in the USA, structural crisis of European Union, failure of West in the Middle East, better and better global position of China: these all things will create kind of breakthrough in the international political relationships. In your opinion: how this „New Order” will look?

Kali Yuga continues ahead full speed. The European man and woman is under attack on all levels no matter where they stand on the globe. Things are going to become much, much worse before they become better – if they become better. But as revolutionaries – we need to embrace chaos and danger as our best friends because they represent real opportunity. After this all burns to the ground, and it will, we need to be the ones – and if not us our children or grandchildren – who put things back together. A Better World is Possible, but we are going to have to fight for it. And it is going to be the bloodiest fight this world has ever seen.

New Resistance

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