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Conversation with Third Way: „We are something like a political elite group” Santiago Isidro, the head of New Resistance Spain

Salut! Before we will go to proper part of our interview, please tell us few words about yourself. What is your name? Where are you from? When and how did you become a nationalist/traditionalist? Why you chose New Resistance?

Greets! Well, my name is Santiago, I was born in Uruguay and I live in Spain since I had 5 years old. I became nationalist/traditionalist I think in 2012, realizing about the decadence of the Western civilization and its near collapse. In that moment I started to read too much about french nationalism in the 70’s, specially about the fallen comrade Francoi Duprat. I think that was my first contact with the revolutionary nationalist ideology.

I chose New Resistance because I think is the best option for have a global resistance in different geographial points of the planet against capitalism, and I think that’s really important today, because our movements in Europe always have been trying to show (aptly) how the globalization destroys Europe, and of course, that’s absolutely true, but we didn’t realize that this point about the danger of globalization has consequences in an international level to all cultures of the world. New Resistance understand this point and aims to destroy the capitalism and cosmopolitism with an international collaboration respecting the frontiers and different cultures of the world, their existance, proliferation and independence.

How would you describe ideology of New Resistance? What is the main foundation of it? What aspect of your ideology is the most important? What figures inspire you the most and why?

As I said, New Resistance aims to a global collaboration between the different folks and cultures of the planet to destroy capitalism, and I think is the most important point in my opinión.

I think the ideology of New Resistance could be named inside of the political spectrum of the Fourth Political Theory, and that’s why we aspire to a global independence of all nations. The most inspirational figures for me (personally) are they who wanted the same as us in their countries and they finally made it. Figures like the Imam Khomeini, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Garegin Njdeh, in real politics, and others like Franco Freda, Ramiro Ledesma, Carl Schmitt, Ali Shariati or Jalal Al-e Ahmad in ideological aspects.

What is an essence of movement New Resistance in your opinion? What is the most important for your organization? What things distinguish you from other groups and associations?

Well, possibly our esthetic, our combative spirit in collaboration with other nations and culture, and our revolutionary image. Things like the study of different theories which came from other political ambients, like the class struggle and our way of look after our militants intelectually and physically.

How many members, your organization counts? What is your attitude towards questions connected with recruitment of people? New Resistance is a kind of mass movement? Or maybe it is elite group?

I think, being realistic, actually we’re something like a political elite group, which aspire to have a mass movement. Possibly one of our greatest errors is to confuse too much the people with our intelectual and international deliberations, but I’m sure that with the correct way of work, finally we will make people understand our positions.

Actually, in Spain we’re trying to make alliances with other organizations similar to us, so I can’t tell you exactly the number of members we have right now.

What is your opinion about ideological/physical/spiritual formation of your activists? This kind of fromation is important for New Resistance? If yes, tell us more about how it looks like.

Of course, our militants must to be ready for all type of situations, intelectually, physically and, without any doubt, spiritually. So I think we must prepare them for that situations, through conferences, studies cycles, and physical training. We have some plans in the future for this.

How looks your activism? On what basis you conduct your actions and campaigns? What is your main aim which you want to achieve by your activism?

Well, we’re now just starting in Spain, but I think the most important part must be a great and clean image, without leave the revolutionary message.

What is your attitude towards modern form of propaganda (I mean here: social networks, music, graffiti, counter-culture etc.) If New Resistance is active on such fields? Or you rather dont take it into consideration?

In my opinión is a really great way of get diffusion of our ideas. Of course, the social networks and so on have some problems in the society, like the absolute isolation of some people, but we are totally against this. Is a double-edge weapon, but we just want to take the good part. We have of course a web (openrevolt.info) and some blogs and Facebook profiles depending on the country.

Unexpected election of Donald Trump for the president of USA was for sure a great shock for international public opinion. What is your opinion about Donald Trump? Do you think that his election can be connected with some good changements or maybe your attitude towards him is rather strict and critical?

Personally, I saw in him some good points about the possibility of a good international change which could destroy the unipolar geopolitic dynamic, but now I’m noticing I was wrong with that. I haven’t already lost my hopes, but his stupid confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and his ambition about real politics, I think are really disgusting and unnecessary. The point about being against Iran, tell us who are the real friends of Mr.Trump. This point is more important thant it looks like, because in my opinion, there won’t be any free nation under the boot of zionism and the existance of the Zionist State.

Being direct: there is no free Europe without free Palestine. All nations which accept the friendship of Israel, finally ends dueing something to the Zionist State, because that’s their way to work: they have their international tycoons and powerfull men in all countries with a great part of control about important services and issues, and if you don’t give them what they want, be prepared, because then you have two options: crisis (like Greece), or, if they don’t have financial power over your country, the war (Syria, Yemen, Iran in the 80’s, etc). Then, we can’t accept note ven the minimal point in favor to Israel and against our palestinian brothers.

New president in the USA, structural crisis of European Union, failure of West in the Middle East, better and better global position of China: these all things will create kind of breakthrough in the international political relationships. In your opinion: how this „New Order” will look? What is a place in it for your own countries?

I’m not sure about that. At the begining, It looks like that, of course. But as I said, the things are changing fast: Vladimir Putin is not actually the most happy person with the behavior of Mr.Trump with some of the allies like Iran and China, so I think the things aren’t so simple as they look like. If finally Donald Trump still obeying the blue star, the geopolitics will turn extremly difficult to read and understand…maybe that’s what they want, I’m sure of that. They will bet for the both flocks, and there will be only one real ally against them: Iran and their friends (the Houthi revolution of Yemen, Syrian government, Hezollah, etc.)

It is kind of tradition here, last words belong to you:

I want to give you thanks for this interview, because is really important for all of us, and I hope finally it can be released succesfully.

Thanks to all comrade who have read it, and still fighting for freedom, believing in the beauty of our struggle and resisting all what this world puts in our way.

Finally, we will triumph, because the truth and the beauty always triumph.

New Resistance Spain

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