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Conversation with Third Way: „We don’t live in the past. We live to win in the future” Raphael Machado, the head of New Resistance Brasil

Salut! Before we will go to proper part of our interview, please tell us few words about yourself. What is your name? Where are you from? When and how did you become a nationalist/traditionalist? Why you chose New Resistance?

My name is Raphael Machado, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. I’ve been studying traditionalist and nationalist authors for 12 years, starting from Evola and classic Third Position movements. Later, in 2008 I began working with propaganda and ideological education with some Nationalist groups, started translating New Right, Conservative Revolutionary, Traditionalist and Third Position authors (later, also Fourth Position), helped organize a publishing house, helped organize anti-imperialist propaganda about Syria and Donbass and finally, in 2014 I was invited to New Resistance by its leader. So I didn’t choose New Resistance. New Resistance chose me.

How would you describe ideology of New Resistance? What is the main foundation of it? What aspect of your ideology is the most important? What figures inspire you the most and why?

New Resistance’s ideology could be described as a kind of radical communitarianism, based on Dugin’s project of a Fourth Political Theory. It’s main foundation is the matter of Identity, or in other words the search for the true authentic being of each people, in our case, of our people. This is also the most important aspect of our ideology. The protection, cultivation and advancement of the true being of the peoples of Brazil, and for it we will do anything and everything. Brazil has some interesting patriotic and revolutionary figures which inspire us, like Brizola, Enéas, Gustavo Barroso and others. Internationally, we are mostly inspired by Mu’ammar Gaddafi, Juan Perón, Ramiro Ledesma and many others. In general, everyone who has fought for the liberation of its homeland and for social justice for its own people inspires us. So we have admiration for some figures in the left, some in the right and some in the third position camp. But we follow our own path.

What is an essence of movement New Resistance in your opinion? What is the most important for your organization? What things distinguish you from other groups and associations?

The essence of our movement is the union of people from different origins and ideological backgrounds on a common struggle against global liberal hegemony, which hides behind leftist and rightist masks. To us the most important is to preserve this unity in our ranks, through constant ideological education, authentic camaraderie and many open debates, so we can always work as a single weapon turned against our enemies. This is what is necessary for us to liberate our country. What distinguishes us from other organizations is that we have a very clear mindset on leaving behind everything that is useless or hasn’t worked in the past, and take from past organizations and ideologies everything that could be useful. We don’t live in the past. We live to win in the future. And most political organizations are not like that. They’re always looking for some utopic and treasured perfect past that should be simply rescued and repeated.

How many memebers, your organization counts? What is your attitude towards questions connected with recruitment of people? New Resistance is a kind of mass movement? Or maybe it is elite group?

In Brazil, New Resistance counts with more than 150 members, in most states. We have some limitations on accepting certain kinds of people. Generally, we don’t accept people with personal, ideological or religious outlooks incompatible with our collective political project and degenerate people. We want to build the biggest popular base as possible, but since we exist for just 2 years, we have a long path before us.

What is your opinion about ideological/physical/spiritual formation of your activists? This kind of fromation is important for New Resistance? If yes, tell us more about how it looks like.

As we said, we work with constant ideological education for our members, producing new translations from important authors, collectivizing interesting books for our members and with frequent debates about almost everything. We also always motivate aour members to engage in physical exercises, be it weightlifting, martial arts or something else. This is fundamental so that they be prepared to fight for what they believe in. About spiritual formation we also motivate our members to search for the best spiritual path for them. Although we accept atheists we motivate our comrades to search for some decent traditional religion.

How looks your activism? On what basis you conduct your actions and campaigns? What is your main aim which you want to achieve by your activism?

As activism we practice pamphleteering, philantropy, we participate in protests and strikes, collective physical training, as also other propaganda stunts. The basis of our activism is paved by certain principles. It serves to keep our comrades motivated and close to each other, it also serves to publicize our movement, to show other people that it exists in the real world and also to get in touch with real people and show them what we believe in and how we can help them.

What is your attitude towards modern form of propaganda (I mean here: social networks, music, graffiti, counter-culture etc.) If New Resistance is active on such fields? Or you rather dont take it into consideration?

We are completely in favor of modern forms of propaganda. Everything that can be useful to make our ideas reach greater numbers of people should be uses. We have been very active in social networks and also counter-cultural circles. But we also intend to get some comrades to form a band and things like that.

Unexpected election of Donald Trump for the president of USA was for sure a great shock for international public opinion. What is your opinion about Donald Trump? Do you think that his election can be connected with some good changements or maybe your attitude towards him is rather strict and critical?

The only thing we look forward that Trump can bring about is the collapse of the current American system. He’s, willingly or not, an agent of chaos who will accentuate the inner contradictions of American society. It’s already happening, with the attacks against mass media, uncertainties in foreign policy, mass protests in the streets. All of this is positive because eventhough the globalist elite is international, it sill uses the American military-industrial complex as its major instrument of repression against contra-hegemonic governments.

New president in the USA, structural crisis of European Union, failure of West in the Middle East, better and better global position of China: these all things will create kind of breakthrough in the international political relationships. In your opinion: how this „New Order” will look? What is a place in it for your own countries?

This new world will be a multipolar world. And even though it will be full of conflicts it will be more open to alternative political projects. Brazil has much to gain from it. as the American pseudo-Empire weakens we must try to mobilize our neighbours into forming a great continental alliance to defende our own interestes against predatory corporations and imperialistic foreign powers.

It is kind of tradition here, last words belong to you:

Our work has just begun. We live in very interesting times, everything is changing fast, nothing is certain anymore. All of that about an „End of History” was a lie and a fraud, the world isn’t destined for some kind of perpetual liberal democracy aiming for infinite material progress. Our enemies’ positions are uncertain in this new world. So this is the time to act, with eyes fixed on the future, so that we can finally give them what they deserve. A beautiful scaffolding.
This is it, comrade. Thanks for the attention

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