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Dawid Kaczmarek: „Covenant of Hauran” is this an explanation for current situation in Syria?

On May 8th Portal As Masdar News informed about increasing activity of armed forces American-Jordanian coalition near to the Southern border of Syrian state. In next day, the same source published photos of American military advisers training Syrian rebels in Tanf mountain. These news bulletins sound very interesting, especially compared to the report of Iranian Fars News Agency (FNA) from May 2nd . The report says about advances in the Syrian Arab Army’s offensive towards South of the country, which was launched „in order to defuse joint American-British-Jordanian plan to establish buffer zone in Southern Syria”. But what does exactly mentioned plan mean?

None of the sources, at least none of these available for me, answers this question  in the straight way. Maybe we can link this plan with „Covenant of Hauran”, about which we won’t find a single word in English speaking media. If so, it would mean some kind of a political agreement among rebels groups operating in Southern Syria. British diplomatic telegram (attached below) puts more light on this issue. According to it, the main point of mentioned agreement is a proposal of setting local jurisdiction (“Dar Adel”) and a „representative council” which tends to be a sort of an opposition government against central one in Damascus. The council would take a jurisdiction over some kind of a buffer zone in Southern Syria, protected by American and Jordanian forces. In addition, the entire project would be as well protected by Israeli soldiers (e.g. recruited from the Druze population which is very pro-Zionist in Israel) who already infiltrate the province of As-Suwajda (one of the three provinces in the Southern Syria). In return for the guarantees of religious freedom for minorities, this plan was to gain approval from the European ambassadors in Jordan. According to discussed telegram, this plan will be presented at the United Nations Conference in Geneva (planned for  May 16th)

Obviously the authenticity of discussed document can’t be verified in 100 percent. However, since the election of Donald Trump for President of the USA, the conflict in Syria is very suprising, dynamic and we can say everything can happen. What we know for sure so far, according to AFP, is the death toll of over 320 thousands in this conflict. And this is not “Convenant of Houran” but memorandum from Astana, which gives a chance of stabilizing the situation in southern Syria and brings us closer to the end of this full of blood conflict.

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