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Filip Paluch: Depositaries of the ideology

The period in which our generation is living can’t be considered neither as superior to others, nor especially worse. Generations of all ages think they have the right to give their times supernatural, special meaning. The Polish nation since early medieval written sources have a tendency to idealize the past. Apparently, modern man should have his eyes fixed into the future rather than the past, but what we see seems to be different. Society which doesn’t like any change, which is undoubtedly the Polish society, is delighted in drifting on the lands of the past, without prejudice at this special role of our times that after all must be „most”, although in this case it is said about them that they are the worst.

Agonizing over this era in which our generation is living seem to be meaningless because of it’s ends the conclusion that nothing can be done, and all efforts made in building national identity from base, it is an effort wasted. Sometimes this mental conservatism is so great that monarchists were able to kill on the eve of the coronation of the king, because they would be afraid of such a fundamental change in government. No better approach to the surrounding reality is also emotional activism with no target or unreasonably optimism suggesting seize the day like today would be a day of the victory. This attitude directs man towards opportunism, climb on the waves of temporary support at the expense of adapting their ideas to the current moment. Such men could shout looking on his support in the morning diary “I say to the moment: 'Stay now! You are so beautiful!” However, this moment does not last.

Both attitudes comimng down to unjustified pessimism or optimism, despite best intentions are just nothing more than a fleeting moment, a wink of an era in which entertained. The world goes on despite the fact that for two thousand years we are living in apocalyptic times, and I think it will take a little longer. Therefore, the prospect of the idea should be the prospect of long duration that will not be condemned to oblivion on one of its electoral defeat. In a few years we will all stand before the question that I’m sure will be asked. What we did with the public support that we had !? Different types of sociology and political systems expert will think about why the Polish national camp wasted so much potential thousands (and apparently sometimes hundreds of thousands) of people on nationalist demonstrations. Little, but always support on opinion polls that go beyond the margin of statistical error has been lost. What you done nationalists with the opportunity to change which nation seen in you ? The answer to this question is simple. The support has not been used since there was only on paper, and people could not see a chance for a change because now has already get totally blind and roars like a victim of Stockholm syndrome among his oppressors.

Thousands of people in the street demonstrations it’s only the prospect of moment, which continues today, and tomorrow, on a weekday, it will not. If even this prospect of moment, which for many is impressive ,is all that nation today can give of himself, then maybe you should change the assumptions of the whole movement. Maybe phrases „take control” and „overthrow rulership” should be replaced by the phrase „survive”. As already mentioned, each generation wants to make themselves unique in one way or another. Therefore, time after time you hear the trumpets of war heralding that „it’s time”, while the time has not come yet. The perspective of the moment getting it explodes and goes off, because that is the sine wave movements that are ideological. Today, we gather several thousand, yesterday there were hundreds, and tomorrow just twenty.  What it would be an idea if there wasn’t a handful of madmen, which on PRL create relatively unpopular publications, smuggling bad quality paper. What was the memory of Adam Doboszyński “Marsz na Myślenice” if not for those crazy people who year after year lay fowers under his array and go the same route. Yesterday there were a dozen, all in heavy boots and carefully established ladder, today wear sports clothes and sun glasses or nothing standing out from the crowd, a total of around dozens of activists. Probably none of them ever thought it was thanks to him “Marsz Myślenicki” is still coming, and with it the idea of Adam Doboszyński, but in the perspective of long duration has a great importance.

Deposit of ideas that each of us carries in his heart is what separates us from other political movements. For us it is important victory of the Idea, not a party flags, which distort the idea so much that after a while it no longer resembles its original source. Therefore, for us it is most important purity of thought, which flows according to once set out rules. Nationalism is like Decalogue, which says: do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery. What will be the same stone tablets, which are still repeating: do not kill and do not steal, but will encourage adultery? They become heresy as heresy are movements that once saying: God, Honor, Country, today will say: Capital, economic situation, the State. Heresy deserves only condemnation and sick members must cut to not infect  whole organism. Not once happened that I heard: What is this funny distributionism? Another form of socialism? Catholic Social Teaching? Today triumphs saints from Adam Smith school, and if you want to achieve something, you must begin to think „libertarian”! Or Catholicism? After all, this form of institutionalized exploitation of money and hidden pedophilia! It scares people, you won’t get any support with this password! Sure, these voices are right, we could not get, and if we started to preach the „libertarian” theories of economic and instead of faith, we could soar in the polls a little more exceeding the margin of statistical error. However, we would be no longer nationalists, not being any new quality, but another washings from the same drain.  Being a depository of ideas by which subsequent years will survive the thought, which could in the next generation gain row of souls, it is the solution far better than to become a man without ideas. What would be authority gained on such circumstances? Only the election slogan, which still falsely has been adapted to the political marketing. Nationalism doesn’t undergo prosperity, it is an idea that does not change, but only adapts to the conditions of a particular time. Who said that our country has to be free today? Who said that the nation, which in the European Union accession referendum so easily sold its independence, deserves and could handle freedom today? Wine, where fermentation hasn’t finished, is undrinkable, because for a good liquor you need to wait for years. Much longer processes underway in society, which for two centuries can not reach the superiority of the work at the basis over the impulsive, suicidal uprisings. Results of this work can be seen at every step, from the activities of our nineteenth century ancestors, to this day. Effects of romantic uprisings also, especially at municipal cemeteries and monuments swathed in shrouds of thousands of names.

It is worth reflecting on the what nationalism is for us? Is it the idea of only postulated or reality how trustworthy is the man running the company, employing a lot of people who are paid ridiculous 7zł / hr, at the same time claiming for the rights of workers in front of parliament or in the internet. Who will be nationalist, that flows straight with the flow of consumption, materialism and anti-clericalism. What kind of man who shouted that the state is robbing him, at the same time compensate for their loss of himself by robbing others. It’s not a new quality and no alternative.  Nationalism postulated would be the same as non-practicing pacifism. Usually this is the postulated fraction wants: now! More! Immediately! They go after the prime minister’s seat, not knowing that if they put a bit of work they would have a real chance at the mayor’s office. They want to fight the Islamization, while they were last time in Church at the celebration of Easter eggs. That approach is no less harmful than the apathy, not also proposes in exchange any specifics.

Polish nationalism has always been an egalitarian movement, strongly associated with Catholicism and Latin civilization. Pragmatists like to underestimate the Polish cultural orientation to the west, to Rome. They don’t have such thing as a special role, which the nation holds in the world. For them, nation are just society oriented to common goals, which vary depending on the benefit. Nations, however, have a soul, and society are empty. Nations take the challenge, they have missions, which are faithful. States have only business. What, then, are we now? Can we say that we are still a nation?  That we have a mission, of which as a spiritually free nation we are faithful? You can not fall into excessive pessimism, but the situation is not good. This shows the lack of ideological orientation those who are on a wave of anti-immigrant moods, putting in a row Negro hordes of barbarians with Syrian Christians, seeking asylum from the demons of Islam created by the game Jewish-American interests. Apparently, the mission of the Polish nation called antemurale christianitatis, lacked knights with the prospect of long duration who could bring new directions. Our generation must avoid such mistakes, even at the cost of being merely proud depositories ideas.

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