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„Our land is very important for our people, it is the connection we have with it for thousands of years that cannot be taken away.” Interview with members of romanian organization Comunitatea Identitară România

Who are you and where did you get from the idea of creating your organisation? What the early days were like and what have you achieved?

We are young Romanian nationalists who are fighting for our nation and our Christian- orthodox faith. We created Comunitatea Identitară România (the Identitarian Community Romania) at the initiative of several people from a few important university centers in Romania, although not all of us are students. Some of us were militants before, others became involved in the struggle since we started the organization. We only exist as an organization for 2 years, so it can be said we are still in the early days. We achieved a lot, recruiting new members, organizing rallies, building our image both in the street and online, making propaganda, obtaining headquarters, etc. But we still have a very long way to go, as our mission is an extremely hard one, but also a beautiful one: to create a nationalist-christian elite, that our nation strongly needs.

What does your symbol mean? Is it an original idea or one of the Romanian culture symbols?

Our emblem is made up of 2 symbols. Colul Morii (the 8 pointed star) symbolizes the North Star, a guide for traveling used by our shepherd ancestors, also standing for a light in the darkness. It is surrounded by the Draco, the Dacian wolf, a symbol of power used by our Dacian ancestors, who are the oldest inhabitants of the land that is now Romania.

What does your activity look like? Which methods are you using for nationalist propaganda in your country? What are the biggest nationalist events in Romania which you take part in?

A good ideea about how our activities look like can be made by visiting our website www.comunitateaidentitara.com. We celebrated Romanian identitarian holidays, displayed banners with politically incorrect messages, helped poor Romanain families with food and other required resources, restored monuments, cleaned garbage from forests (as nationalists we also believe in protecting and keeping the environment, clean), protested against anti-Romanian and anti-nationalist laws, started collaborating with other nationalist organizations (from both Romania and abroad), we volunteered for cooking for the poor, commemorated our national heroes and did a lot of propaganda on the streets.

The biggest events we took part in and organized were marches on the national day, December 1st, when we celebrate the creation of Greater Romania, the unification of the Old Kingdom (Wallachia and Moldova) with provinces from foreign occupation: Basarabia, Transilvania, Banat, Maramureș and Bucovina, we also organized and participated in meetings and marches for the family, against neomarxist and sodomite propaganda. We had another important rally on the day of the national flag, June 26th, reminding people of the importance of this symbol. Another important event was organizing our first nationalist camp in July this year.

But unfortunately we could not organize too many big events in public due to the Covid19 restrictions taken by the corrupt government, who is an enemy of freedom. Nonetheless, despite restrictions, our organization grew in this period.

In your organisation’s name there is a ,,identity” word. Which thing is building Romanian identity? What is Romanianness, what are the components of Romanianness which makes it unique and worth defending?

Romanian Identity is composed of a spiritual side, our orthodox faith, which also manifests as a collective spirit and gave us strength to resist in history, in a geographical position that was at the crossroads of empires. Then, there is a biological component, our European blood, which we inherit from our ancient Dacian ancestors. No one can be Romanian if he is not European. Another important side to romanianess is our culture, all of our traditions and customs, our way of life, our national costume, our holidays, the Romanian national symbolism. This also includes our dear and beautiful Romanian language, as if a Romanian loses it and no longer speaks it, he also loses his Romanian identity. Our land is also very important for our people, it is the connection we have with it for thousands of years that cannot be taken away. On this land our ancestors lived their lives before us, they are buried here. The earth here is wet with the blood of our saints and heroes.

For the Polish nationalists, Romanian national movement is mainly associated with Captain Codreanu and his Legion. Could you please tell our readers something more about Romanian national heroes and your political authorities?

Unfortunately we cannot speak freely about this subject, about the Legion of the Archangel Michael or Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. Since 2015, the Romanian politicians, from all parties, voted an anti-legionary law, that bans any positive opinion on the Legionary Movement. The law is against the Constitution, against human rights, against international law, against freedom of speech, freedom of association, political freedom, even against religious liberty.

A lot of Romanians can go to jail due to this law, as many people here view the legionaries as heroes and some of them, those who went through the hell that was the communist prison system here, are even considered saints and honored as such. A lot of young people have such views now. We need to mention here about the case of Florin Dobrescu, the leader of the Ion Gavrilă Ogoranu Fundation (named after an anti- commmunist guerrilla fighter), who is very likely to face trial for organizing a prayer for Corneliu Zelea Codreanu and 13 other legionaries assassinated. Can you imagine people not even being allowed to pray for the souls of those who were brutally murdered?

One of the objectives of Comunitatea Identitară is to defend freedom of speech for nationalists and fight for the repealing of all anti-Romanian laws that prevent people from honoring those they consider saints and heroes, of having politically incorrect views, or of criticizing members of certain minorities.

What is your vision of Great Romania and Great Europe? What are you fighting for and what do you want for your nation?

Greater Romania was Romania at its maximum extend, but it could have been much larger, as the land inhabited by Romanians is more than our country controlled between the 2 world wars. We fight to one day unite the territories that were once ours with Romania.

A great Europe is a Europe of the nations, of free and sovereign national states. This can only be achieved when the European Union collapses like its predecessor, the USSR. That day will surely come. But we must also build strength to replace the current corrupt system with a traditionalist and nationalist worldview.

Romanian people in their history were splitted and today they are living in 2 states, Romania and Moldova. What is your point of view about Moldova state and what needs to be done with it? Is it possible to integrate this state with Romania?

The Republic of Moldova is a part of the eastern side of the medieval voivodeship of Moldova, called Basarabia now. It was occupied by Rusia in 1812 and again in World War II. But it was, is and always will be Romanian land. The people there, especially the youth, are awakening and want unification with Romania. Tens thousands of Romanian soldiers fought and died for that land, to be against the union is to spit on their graves. You are asking if it is possible to integrate it with Romania? It must be integrated and it will be! Will there be difficulties? Of course! But united together we will be stronger and overcome them!

1 400 000 Hungarians are living in Romania which are called Szekely. How do you want, as modern, European nationalists, approach that problem? Where would be the Hungarian position in the Romanian national state?

There are 1.227.623 Hungarians living in Romania, according to the 2011 census, the secui (szekely people) make up half of those at the most. The szekely people however are not Hungarians, they are a magyarized people who lost their language.

In Romania they have rights, to preserve their language and culture. Their political leaders however want autonomy for the areas where Hungarians are a majority and even for all of Transylvania, that being only the first steep to the independence of the region and the breakup of Romania, following the example of Kosovo. We respect all Hungarians who respect Romanians and the integrity of Romania. But anti-Romanian sentiments and separatism cannot be tolerated. As Romanian nationalists, we do not deny their right to exist, but our attention is towards the interests of the Romanians, the oldest inhabitants of this land and it’s true masters.

In Polish media rarely we are hearing about Romania and Romanians problems. What is actual political situation in your country and where is the truly place of Romanian nationalists?

The political situation here is a disaster, it is very chaotic. All parties are against the nation, this can be seen from their acts. All parties are slaves to the EU and other foreign groups. True nationalists are not represented in the Parliament, only liberals, socialists, neomarxists, minorities and conservatives. The true place of Romanian nationalists is in power, leading this country completely. However that cannot be achieved in a lifetime, not after the nationalist-Christian elite was exterminated in communist prisons. It will take decades to get there and stay there for good. Therefore, our struggle is not political at the moment, but to educate the youth in a traditionalist spirit and guide them on the right path to victory. We no longer have the perspective of individual time, but that of historical time. In these dark era, we are the light and we shall triumph!

The tradition of our portal is that the last words are for our interviewee. What is your message to Polish nationalists?

Fight for your nation and country, educate the youth, make your voice be heard! We hope you will one day leave the EU and contribute to its fall. The great awakening has started. Polish nationalists organizations are an example for a lot of Romanian nationalists. We appreciate a lot of what we see there and wish to collaborate with you! Long live Poland! Long live Romania! Long live nationalist Europe!

Thank you for the interwiev

The interview was conducted by Krzysztof Kwaśny

Graphic design: Resistance Arts

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