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„Our revolution certainly won’t be won in the democratic elections”- our interview for portugal nationalists from New Order Social

Salutes. Greetings polish comrades! We are happy to establish links with nationalists from Poland, as cooperation between all of us in the European World is essential for success, and a natural result of our common ethno-civilizational identity. We hope with this interview to inform portuguese nationalists (and others) about the situation in Poland and learn from the nationalist movement in your country. So let us begin by asking for a brief introduction to Trzecia Droga, your ideas, history and goals. Tell us about your movement please. Tell us also about your long-term plans and the possibility of creating a political party.

Salut brothers! Our organization was established nearly four years ago. In the beginning, we were a group of young nationalists, who were sick and tired of clumsy and overconfident leaders. We were against general sluggishness in our community. We wanted to create group of totally new type. Without rigid structure, traditional patterns. Group which won’t repeat the same mistakes as always. Without cowards and opportunists. We all made great sacrifices for our Ideology, we gave everything for Land which fed and educate us. So we didn’t have only one thing then: a kind of center which make our voice audible for the whole world!

And we did it! Today we can tell that Third Way has became important part of Polish nationalist community. We are real family, where “organization’s” bonds are interspersed with these personal and private one. We work now on many different basis. We organize demonstrations, protests, direct actions, but also (or maybe I should tell: “above all”) lectures, meetings and conferences. We run 3droga.pl portal too. Now this is a place where everybody can find good and interesting materials not only from Poland. These all things what

I am talking about right now, aren’t made for false fame. All what we do is for our people and for our Cause. There is not now, and there will be never other purpose for us. Our Nationalism is an ideology without compromises, fanaticism and friendship without opportunism, this is a real revolution of thinking and revolution of activism. Simply:
Third Position!

Our plans? We want to develop all projects in which we are currently involved. We want to do it as long as we will have enough time and power. What I can disclose now: we plan to publish our own paper. Probably in the winter. It will have strong and radical message. Answering on your question about political party: to be honest, we have never thought about it. Our revolution certainly won’t be won in the democratic elections. Polish Parliament, real brothel isn’t a place for our activists. We prefer to stay outside, breathe freely, and wait for our time!

Poland is a very conservative and traditionalist country, just like Hungary, yet, unlike it, there is still no genuine nationalist movement represented in the parliament. Given the apparent fertile ground for nationalism in your country, what do you think that has delayed the rise of a genuine nationalist party into parliament?

First of all you should understand that Poland is indeed very complicated country. Difficult history, annexation, two world wars, and almost half of the century under communist occupation. This left a kind of stigma on us and our compatriots. There are still vast political and social division in our society. Many national shortcomings remain to this day. Their eradication will take us many years. Hence, if the Polish society seems to be conservative compared to the West, it doesn’t mean that is in good condition. It concerns also Polish nationalists of course. As a community, we have made many unforgivable mistakes. It is difficult to tell how much time we lost on worthless initiatives and even more worthless people. We are responsible for the present situation in our country. But I must admit, that nowadays, as the community, we have started draw conclusions and perhaps there will be also some worth initiatives in the field about you asked. That isn’t out of the question.

The Law and Justice party is a populist semi-nationalist party. It is now well established in power and the pools show a huge stable support from the population. Has the rise of this party been beneficial to polish nationalists? Perhaps by bringing the general opinion further to the right?

Yes, that is true. All recent polls show that support for the Law and Justice Government remains constantly high. It is worth to say, that the parliamentary elections in Poland from 2015 were very exceptional. In our Parliament, there is no left-win party now. So what? In our country, political parties don’t have own views. There is no real difference between „Left” and „Right”. Politicians change their preferences depending of who gives them money. They are a kind of slut who works for whoever gives more. Germany, the European Union, the United States, Israel- I could tell you about so many foreign centers which treat Poland as their colony. What is worse, they still find followers and supporters who are now on both sides of the political barricade. The same is with current government. There may be more talk about history and patriotism in our country, but it’s nothing compared to all these negative changes. We are against Law and Justice party, nothing has changed for us.

Poland, like Portugal, has an extremely low birth rate. This is one of the biggest problems and challenges that all European/Western nations face. Do you have any ideas on how to solve this issue? What measures would you take to solve it if you became government in Poland?

 This is very difficult matter. I wonder if we are really able to solve this problem by new, law regulations. Of course, we can now talk about special tax concessions, free public transport, discounts on health care and medecines, social benefits and so on. But that is the point, really? After all, our social welfare is so extensive that it is able to feed not only us but also hundreds thousands of immigrants nomads. So this problem must be much more complex. In our opinion, this is about our lifestyle. Europe is dying, because the Civilization of the West is falling now. We have went away from principles and traditions of our fathers. We have disrupted the natural order. We have changed the eternal roles. What is our answer? It is the Revolution of Spirit. All over the continent, where our ideology lives. When being European will mean something important again, then pathologies such as low birth rate disappear. Everything will return to its place.

What are the the political positions and opinions of the average polish in regards to multiculturalism, nationalism, race realism, and anti-Liberalism?

 Currently, average Pole is a person who is focused mainly of own survival. I am not sure if he is sticking his head in such terms. Poles are traditionally hospitable towards guests. We even have such proverb: „Guest at home, God at home”. However, we think that guest should behave well. If not, our attitude rapidly change. This is confirmed by recent surveys about refugees. Poles seem to be against multiculturalism. Race it is important part of our identity. When it comes to „nationalism”, it is usually associated negatively due to communist propaganda. We don’t care. You cannot fit to everyone. It is impossible.

Poland and Ukraine would be the main axis of the idealized Intermarium project (a possible future geopolitical entity in eastern Europe capable of safeguarding the existence of European identity and perhaps one day serve as a springboard to recover the whole European World). Do you have any relations with ukrainian nationalists? How do you foresee the future of this project and how are you planning on the long-term to help achieving it?

„Intermarium” project is well known for us. This concept was very popular amongst Polish nationalist, even before II World War. Today it is also one of our ideas towards questions connected with foreign policy. We develop it and we organize our cooperation with other nationalist group from Europe, according to it. On the other hand, we dont think that it is able to come true. Too many international process are taking place in front of our eyes now, to much details are still unknown for us, and the situation can quickly turn in unexpected way for us.

When it comes to our relations with Ukrainian nationalists, it is very difficult matter for us. Third Way states that every Nation has perfect right to Freedom and Independence. It was never subject of any discussion and there were no exceptions to this rule. We are against actions of the Ukrainian state, which is typical example of corrupt and oligarchic system. We are also against actions of Putin’s Russia, which cannot be for sure considered as an ally of European nationalism. We have contacts with Ukrainian nationalists. But not on the organization level. As long as there is a war, and Ukrainians nationalists don’t define themselves politically and ideologically enough, nothing will change in this matter.

Do you think the European Union could be transformed on the long term into a pro-European  nationalist entity with the help of an Intermarium bloc inside it, or should it be completely dissolved?

Reforms and half measures are good for democrats and liberals. Not for nationalists. Can you really reform organizations which was established in order to destroy European Nations? We think that this is impossible. For us: European Union is enemy number one of nationalism. We can’t achieve victory without it’s destruction. But we are not against an institutionalized form of cooperation between European Nations. But it must have right model and concrete ideological foundations, with deep respect for sovereignty, traditions, and principles of each Nation.

Given how the current situation is evolving in the Western part of our civilization, from the USA to Germany, while eastern European countries seem to be the only ones retaining a minimum of rationality and sensibility, will you be willing to take us as refugees in the future? *laughs* We say this in a semi-serious way, but by the looks of it, it could well come to that point in the long-term future…

<Laughs> Who knows how situation will develop? Maybe in the close future, we will be forced to face new situations and conditions like these. No doubt, our struggle is something what goes far beyond the borders of one country now. We have the same enemies, so we can assure you that anyone who will be willing to fight with them, will be welcome here.

Lastly we would just like to ask you, as a more experienced movement now enjoying great progress, what pitfalls should we avoid, and what should be our greatest priorities.

Thank you for these kind words. We are very happy that we established contacts between our groups. We hope that this interview will be the beginning of fruitful cooperation between us. Our message to you is one and it is permanent. Never give up! Trust each other! Don’t look at others group. Don’t deal with stupid disputes and senseless actions. Do what you have to do. Hold on our ideology! This is our biggest treasure and the only weapon in the struggle against System. We have features, which our enemies don’t have. Persistence, Faith, Fanaticism. Remember about it, and soon the time will come when European Nations will come to the fore.

We believe that we are able to build real nationalist alternative in the scale of the whole continent. Together: we are strong! We must go in the same direction, and then victory will be ours! Greetings for NOS activists! Long live nationalism! Fight till Victory!

Third Way

New Order Social

NOS International

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