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Bartosz Biernat: Times of Test Civilization

When for many years, nationalists repeated the truth about the dark future of capitalism, about its inability to build fair and generating goods on a massive scale system based on turnover of non-cash settlements, the truth provided only one end for economy which destroys private property- a whole range of mentally retarded slaves ironically smiled and acknowledged this for gibberish of the children doctrine of Fascism. In this way, supporters of demo liberal concepts showed their limited faces: they have firmly believed in the fact that the capitalist system is the absolute dogma of modern world and without it the world will fall in the chaos native of negros’ struggles from Africa. Today, in the face of the collapse just one branch of that economy, they can only unconsciously look at bursting the balloon
of capitalism.

When we talked about democratic system as a denial of the rule of Nation, enslaved morons knocked his foreheads and gave themselves over to joyful and unrestrained delight of inserting cards into ballot boxes. Today, they see that even if they voted against the prevailing fashion (pronounced: demo liberal propaganda), their elections would not have been recognized. Dissatisfaction is also brought by more and more visible (even though it is not so new) descent methods of elections campaigns targeted at these well behaved voters, to the normal level of marketing target. Well, that’s why servility of soul and mind can be so easily controlled.

Preaching the fall and unnaturalness idea of injecting many nationalities into one super state, we  come across resistance. It forms as a trend consisting in ridicule of their own national identity and joy because of the loss of their culture by the European Mixture. It turns out, however, that the nations which are components of this mixture, for a long times have had it enough and want to return to their roots, to the genuine national identity. So pro-European propaganda cannot overcome the identity and nature of humans beings.

As nationalists, we also told about a sense of meaningless and emptiness awaits humanity in the world without religion. Europe without our Savior Jesus Christ, in recent months has convinced in as pure and uninhibited manner materialism is ravaging not only the souls and minds, but also the goods of Europe. Today the most ardent atheists and enemies of the Catholic faith among the leaders of European Union seek for any spiritual element in order to save the future of their countries.

Likewise, negative attitude in the European Union prevails towards racial separatism, which is in our opinion the only means leading to the world peace. They attempted to persuade Nations that humanity is in fact identical, and the only thing that counts in this world brotherhood is money. But it is difficult to speak of transnational community to the average Frenchman or Englishman, while his children are afraid to go out into the street, his wife is raped, and he is unemployed because of immigrants’ agreement to work for a much lower wage for their job.

We could mention the endless similar examples of European ignorance towards reasonable nationalist demands, but this does not make us any satisfaction. We believe that in the face of the final collapse of System, nothing more is needed that common road of nationalism which will lead the Nations of Europe to freedom. Attempts to divide pro-national ideology, relativize concepts inside it or treating nationalists as a part of another (even right-wing) it is not only harmful to our ranks but for the most suit enemies of each European country. Do not leaning over intentions of people trying to destroy ideological basis of Third Position, nationalism of XXI century, among the others things, we want to show by this text, true and pure nationalism without the outdated inclusions in the form of right-wing, dogmatic capitalism, democracy and everything connected. Our nationalism, without censorship and ideological additives inhibiting it’s expansion, is the only conception which is able not only to defend the remnants of Latin civilisation, as all sort of conservatists want, but again elevate it to the throne.

As we know, our enemy is so powerful, even though it totters on clay’s feet. If we will be characterised by inflexibility, deeply understood and lived ideology and faith in Christ, it will not be able to stop the wave of common sense. The victory belongs to us. This is not an object to discuss. But before it will happen, we have to realize some general truths. These what really can prevent us from the propagation of new order, are we ourselves and our weakness with which we don’t try to fight. System is not able to beat a healthy fanaticism. Those who cannot be proved strong and confident enough in their views , will quickly fall off and sail into wide opens arms of liberalism. Those who remains ideologically intransigent, they are a power that no one can inhibit. During the occupation, values of Latin Civilisation are represented by nationalism. So this is a time of test. Times of Test Civilization.


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