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National movements and the desire for self-determination have become one of the major trends in the modern world. Some of these movements engage even in the military fight with the occupying forces, sometimes even far away from their homelands. One such case is the establishment of the Karelian Formation within the Ukrainian army, which aims to fight for the independence of Karelia.

Historical context

Karelia, a historical region in northwestern Russia, has a rich cultural and ethnic heritage. Throughout history, Karelia has experienced changes in its status and affiliations with different states. However, some segments of the population in Karelia continue to strive for independence and self-determination, and the Karelian Formation emerged as a response to these aspirations.

Creation of the Karelian Formation

The Karelian Formation was organized as part of the Ukrainian army with the goal of providing support to national movements and associations fighting for Karelia’s independence. It brings together Karelian activists, volunteers, and fighters who seek to achieve recognition of Karelia’s right to self-determination and the creation of an independent state.

Objectives and role of the Karelian Formation

Comprised of young individuals with right-wing political ideas and diverse religious beliefs, ranging from paganism to Christianity, the Karelian Formation plays a crucial role in the struggle for Karelia’s independence. They unite in their endeavor to protect and promote the rights and interests of the Karelian people. They participate in public speeches, peaceful events, and information campaigns to draw attention to the issues facing Karelia and convince the international community of the necessity to recognize the right to self-determination of the Karelian people. The religious beliefs within the Karelian Formation reflect the cultural and spiritual diversity of Karelia, serving as inspiration and motivation in the fight for independence and self-determination.

Challenges and prospects

The establishment of the Karelian Formation has posed a challenge to the Russian authorities, who deny the legitimacy of such national movements and aspirations for self-determination. There are certain risks and obstacles associated with the political and security situation. Nevertheless, the Karelian Formation continues to work towards achieving its goals and hopes for the support of the international community.

The Karelian Formation within the Ukrainian army is an example of a national movement and the fight for Karelia’s independence. This raises important questions for the international community and Russian authorities regarding the right to self-determination of peoples and the respect for their cultural and political identities. The future and prospects of the Karelian Formation depend on the support it receives and its ability to find peaceful and diplomatic solutions to achieve its objectives

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