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Nativist Concern interview

Nativist Concern is a British content creator, known from a podcast The Absolute State Of Britain, as well as from his Odysee and Telegram channels. He comments on European affairs, also of the Central and Eastern European states. He frequently travels to our part of Europe, documenting the developments of our nationalist movements.

Third Way: What is „the absolute state of Britain”? Both literally, as well as the podcast.

Nativist Concern: „The absolute state of…” is a common phrase in English to describe discontent and often ridicule, so it seemed only fitting to name the podcast The Absolute State of Britain.

The purpose of the podcast was to educate as many as possible on the causes, effects and solutions to White erasure in Britain, Europe and the Anglosphere to assist the organisation of a radical White nationalist movement. I can say that we achieved that because I’ve met so many active nationalist organisers that were inspired by the podcast.

We peaked at around 10,000 weekly listeners despite being off Youtube but it’s no longer running, largely because of the UK state prosecuting anyone that dare challenge liberal philosophy and the Judeo-American Empire’s genocide of European peoples. This year a podcaster James Allchurch was jailed for two and a half years despite being a disabled man. Other good men have found themselves jailed for spurious reasons such as sharing a book archive on Telegram or making a logo for a group that was retrospectively deemed to be proscribed as a terrorist group.

I can say that the state of Britain is not good at all. Over 50% of children are born outside of wedlock, over 50% of women have not had a child by 30 and in 4 years the majority of children born in the UK will be non-White. 200,000 babies are killed in the womb each year and I’d estimate the White British fertility rate is now below 1. I have witnessed my own schools in London go from White super majorities to minority and London, my beloved home city is now 37% White British.

The Jewish policies of entering WW2, ethnic pluralism since 1948, the 1960s sexual revolution, speech codes since 1986 and mass immigration from 1997 mean our once great people now face extinction on our own island. I can say I’m not optimistic about reversing this because the damage is already too great. The English middle class are sincere liberals and believe in homo economicus; not blood, soil and tradition. The police state and national media also effectively curate the replacement of the British people without much disorder. Economic collapse feels like the only chance to save our people before it’s too late.

TW: Continental nationalists often distinguish the English spirit as more individualistic and less bounded to the soil, as opposed to the sea. Do you think such difference in the mentality has an impact on todays’ British society?

NC: They’re absolutely right about Anglo individualism but I think the problem is 400 years of cultural capitalism stemming from Protestantism and liberal philosophy, not so much Spengler’s thesis of individualistic Viking merchants. Quigley remarked on our Romanisation as compared to the Germans who were never conquered and Tacitus called us Britons wife sharing barbarians without grain. It is true that Anglo-Saxons revered certain freedoms but we were a Catholic nation for centuries and for most of them ruled by French Kings, wielding an efficient administration.

In the Middle Ages, usury was minimal and there were many guilds formed to protect trades, regulate the quality of workmanship and train new generations. Employment was patrilineal, peasants worked the land for their Lords and all feared God. I emphasise this era because the statecraft was close to ideal, in my view. There was the hierarchy from God to Church and King, to Lords and Knights to Tradesmen and Peasants. Architecture was of such beauty, it simply couldn’t be built today and the economy was centred around production, not parasitism.

The problems really started in the 17th century with the liberal philosophy of Locke, the rise of Puritanism, the removal of the last Catholic Kings, the founding of the Bank of England and the transformation of our island into a merchant naval power. In the 20th century, when we lost our naval hegemony and became indebted to the United States. Our decline accelerated rapidly with women gaining the vote, the loss of most industries and all the social destruction that came from the Judeo-American Empire’s emergence as world hegemon.

However British people still imagine ourselves to be spiritual leaders of the world from the spread of our language, our political, legal and economic systems and even sports. In that regard, our mentality is global, individualistic and financial and can be traced to our former sea power. This imperial mentality gives us a false sense of security that we are still powerful. In fact, the state has been a puppet of the USA since 1939, while the quality of the racial stock has declined immeasurably.

TW: Among nationalists, Britain is often perceived as quite totalitarian regarding the free speech. Could you tell us more about it? How does it refer to the famous liberal British spirit? Maybe you could compare it to other countries? Maybe you could also describe the situation of the Sharp family, which may interest our readers due to the Polish roots of the familys’ mother.

NC: The UK is now a police state. I, myself, was arrested and questioned for 3 hours while my devices were searched under terrorism legislation when I flew home last week. I was compelled to submit the codes to all my devices and to answer all questions, by law. Of course, this abuse is inflicted upon nationalists regularly and the state is hoping to find some digital document of a proscribed book, for which they will sentence you to 2-3 years in prison.

This is what happened to Ashley Podsiad-Sharp, the founder of the White Stag Athletic Club, which was a hiking and athletics group for proud White men. He shared a Free Mr Bond post on Telegram which had a tiny link to the music archive. This then resulted in a publishing terrorist material charge for the link to parody rap music! He was found not guilty on this ridiculous charge but when they seized his devices, there was a digital copy of an illegal book found. He had no knowledge of the file and his defence was able to prove that he never opened it but he was still found guilty and will likely be sentenced to 2 years in prison. If you can spare anything at all for his Polish wife Ewalina, please follow the link and donate to help her and her 3 year old baby.

One thing I must emphasise is that the liberal state is the most totalitarian government possible and the notion that liberalism maximises freedom of the individual is simply stupid.

Man is by nature a political animal with the power of speech and moral reasoning. We are all co-dependent on our fellow men and are born into particular identities with a sex, a race and a tribe.

Liberal ideology attempts to dilute every essence and strip each identity in favour of mixed race transhuman workers that blaspheme God and pour scorn on the myths of their ancestors.

Liberalism must be viewed through this lens and particularly the right of property and the logic of capital, not some footnote of Voltaire about the exchange of ideas or some parliamentarian notion of democracy. The house is nothing but a scheme of the bourgeois after dethroning the monarch. Charles I, James VI, Louis XXVI and Nicholas II were all dethroned by Protestants and Jews and now look at the UK, France and Russia.

TW: How would you describe the British nationalist movement? How does it differ, in your opinion, from the continental movements?

NC: In terms of real White Nationalism there is only one organisation to speak of in the UK and that is Patriotic Alternative. The organisation is primarily focused on community building and metapolitics and has a few hundred active members that post leaflets, host conferences, organise demonstrations, clean parks, help the homeless and socialise together. PA is led by veteran nationalist Mark Collett and his deputy Laura Towler and I commend their approach to focus on building a folkish community from scratch, despite massive state oppression.

Our situation is quite different from Central Europe not only because our demographic decline is so advanced, but also because of our history as a Protestant and Liberal state. The British psyche is very oriented to an attitude that our systems are rational, supreme and inevitable.

Most Brits think Churchill saved Europe from tyranny, everyone should learn English, Indian immigrants are worthwhile for the curry and women have a right to education and fornication for their entire 20s. British history has been wiped from the TV for about 20 years and the greatest access to our traditions and unifying myths come from the Royal family or a WW2 anniversary. The former is always equalled with calls for Republicanism and the latter, frantic appeals to democracy defeating evil fascism.

This programming is very hard to break and Patriotic Alternative focus on activism that revises the post-WW2 consensus and offers a friendly, folkish community to those Brits of a proud and heroic spirit. For now, this number remains relatively small, partly because our message isn’t potent enough for the liberal mindset, but I think mostly because the risks of participation are made extremely high by the collusion of the state, the media, Jewish NGOs and leftist agitators. Nationalists are regularly doxxed, plastered over national papers or TV and thrown in jail on spurious charges.

The nationalist strategy in Western Europe (UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden) must be very different that of the relatively homogenous nations in the East. For you, there is still the option of power through the democratic process and you must see what hell liberalism has brought to the West and save your nations. The problems, of course, are conservatives like PiS, EU membership, NATO membership and women’s suffrage. These tie you into demographic replacement, neoliberal economics, occupation by the US military, speech codes, mandated homosexuality and brainwashing Judeo-liberal media.

Every European nation has their own history, character, myths and religions but we must find a way to both preserve our unique identities, yet politically unify us as Indo-Europeans. We must defend our continent from Bulgaria to Iceland against the ideology that seeks to dissolve us into a coffee coloured liberal slave mass, which emanates from Washington DC, California, Tel Aviv and Brussels. Ultimately, I would like to see a politically unified Europe ruled from Rome, in the name of blood and tradition. Some complain that every nation should be sovereign but I think this is naive and neglects economies of scale, the realities of global finance and trade and the necessity of military hardware. Europeans have spent thousands of years warring eachother but now we must come together as brothers and seize our destiny.

TW: You visited Poland for our Independence March. What are your impressions from it?

NC: I’ve been to the Polish Independence March in both 2019 and 2022 and it blew me away. It is a magnificent event and one of the most unique opportunities to feel the spirit of nationalism.

When I was younger, I followed the England football team and loved the feeling of singing with and for my tribe in the sporting battle. But this was always convoluted because of the number of African players and after becoming a nationalist, I decided that the 2018 World Cup would be my latest event following England. Since then, they have been kneeling, wearing LGBT armbands and adopting every anti-White slogan.

The Polish Independence March is a purer form of that tribal feeling I used to feel because it is only Poles and marks the gaining of a nation state after many occupations. There are so many flags, you might struggle to see the sky and the crowd is spirited but friendly, with many young children in attendance.

In 2022, I was able to film the march and I published a little montage on Youtube which will give you a good insight into how it looks. One of the best aspects of this year was Polish Connection inviting me to an English speaking meetup of diaspora Poles who had returned home from the degenerate Anglosphere. They were gentlemen of the highest quality and I’m glad to say I’m still in touch with all of them today. Some Anglos say that they struggle to bond with Slavs but I felt very at home in that company and we hung out regularly for the next month in Warsaw.

Other European Nationalists are welcome at the march and I would encourage all to visit if they can. Just be warned, there are leftist photographers trying to doxx foreign nationalists so prepare your security accordingly.

TW: From your travels in the Central and Eastern Europe, could you say that their „absolute state” rather disappointed you, or were you positively surprised? Which country of these impressed you the most and which the least, from a nationalist perspective?

NC: I’ve visited most countries in Europe but you don’t truly come to understand a nation until you live there for an extended period and befriend locals.

During the Covid period, I had a lot of time to think about the future and decided that with the decline of the UK and its transition into a police state, I should look to Eastern Europe. Although I would be an outsider, at least I would have a better chance to find a quality wife and sleep at night knowing the police wouldn’t smash down my door.

My first stops were Croatia and Serbia, both for 2 months and in smaller cities. What can I say about these Illyrian peoples? Well physically, they are imposing athletes and it’s very evidently a patriarchal culture. In Croatia I had some tough boxing sessions and in Serbia I was one of the smallest guys in the gym.

The second thing you will notice is that they are friendly and like to socialise, preferably in the sun, over coffee and cigarettes. In Dalmatia, there is such a saying „pomalo” which means to slow down and can be used as an excuse to take the day off work. These meetings can be used to complain about the rife government corruption and commentary on the madness of the West.

And finally, you will notice that God is at the centre of these nations, particularly Serbia. It is common to see nuns, monks and priests in both countries and religious holidays are taken with far more seriousness than the West. For Serbs, Orthodoxy is inseparable from their identity and many Croatians still retain their Catholicism.

The family remains strong in both countries. Fertility is the highest in Europe and it’s usual to see young mothers of multiple children, which is becoming vanishingly rare in the West. When I live in these countries, I see healthy nations, both physically and spiritually and I think this shows the value of God, tradition, patriarchy and a society not ravaged by capitalism.

As regards the nationalist movement, I can say that it is not evident in Serbia because everyone is a nationalist! Recently people have stood up to Vucic pandering to the West and protested Gay Pride, handing Serbia’s mineral wealth to the West and other corruption, by taking to the streets.

In Croatia, I would say all men are nationalist in attitude but few are organised. For now, life is pretty good and there is not an urgency to create a political movement. Instead, most prefer to be a fanatical supporter of their local football club.

I also spent a lot of time in Poland and Finland in the last year. Finland isn’t usually considered „Eastern” but they are an Asiatic tribe and have some unique characteristics compared to their near neighbours.

The thing that stands out in these two nations is the attitude of women about their homeland. Quite simply, many look down on their nation and Sweden, Italy and the UK are seen as superior. Clearly women favour the status of historical empires when they are allowed and this, as well as urbanisation and liberal trends, has seen fertility rates drop significantly.

Finnish women complain that their men „don’t talk” and it’s difficult to maintain a relationship, being the social creatures that desire adoration, that they are. Polish women seem to complain about childhood trauma and alcoholism and attach themselves to liberal ideology as a defence mechanism. This transpires as a rejection of the Catholic homeland and the expectations that brings, in search of adventure in these other „prestige” nations. 

We must find ways to repair these problems and return to healthy and sustainable family formation, which is the basis of the nation. Many focus on immigrant crime or some such low hanging fruit for their political platform but I think we should put the nuclear White family front and centre. I have some problems with Viktor Orban but few can deny the power of his family photograph with his 5 children and his statements against race mixing.

What’s peculiar about both Finland and Poland is that despite the feminism and the Netflix brainwashing, many of the girls are openly racist, (as well as practically all of the men). This usually takes the form of jokes, rather than serious political formation but is nonetheless comforting compared to the religion of anti-racism that Western media and institutions preach on a daily basis.

There is very little Finnish nationalist organisation to speak of. Again, they seem to live in a state of denial that things are not so bad, the Africans are cheap delivery drivers and the big threat is the Russian Federation. Currently the government is conservative and there’s some posturing about limiting immigration but frankly, most are just concerned about taxes.

TW: Currently, Poland experiences a substantial influx of the migrants from India. As Britain has the longest history of letting these people in, what could you tell Poles about Indians? In this context, how would you comment on the current British prime minister?

NC: In my life I’ve noticed Hindu Indians tend to be quite subservient to White British people and even seem to look for direction from us at times. It is clear they revere us and again, that could be explained by the ancient Aryan invasion and the British colonial occupation.

They also have an obsession with light skin tones and especially blonde hair. Though they very rarely rape White women, they are infamous for low level harassment in the street or nightclubs, as well as online. So, the threat to women from Indians is annoyance rather than the more sinister rapes Polish women are subjected to by Georgians in the last years or British children are subjected to by Pakistanis.

However, the economic threat cannot be underestimated and one must remember the Indian caste system and their Vaishyas. They are the merchant caste and are almost as thrifty with money as Jews. In Britain they acquire shops, petrol stations, residential rentals and elderly care homes everywhere and try and short change you or cut quality wherever possible. They have IQs similar to Europeans and send their children to the best schools to become doctors, lawyers, bankers or inherit the family business.

Now they have acquired power in most of the Anglosphere at the head of blue-chip corporations and parliamentary politics, with the UK now being led by billionaire Rishi Sunak.

As well as this, PiS are now importing tens of thousands of Indian Shudras to work for slave wages building infrastructure and undercutting Polish living wages, similar to the UAE. The economic threat to our nations is at every level and cannot be underestimated.

It is increasingly clear that the liberal system will use India as a geopolitical bulwark against China and encourage the inflow of their Vaishyas and Shudras to the West, to undermine our homogeneity. The latest example of this is Portugal now having an Indian prime minister promising to bring millions more, like Ireland and the UK.

The economic threat is a more subtle threat than violence and harder to bring people to nationalism with, but continental Europeans must learn from the mistakes of the UK. First, they will run businesses and acquire capital, cutting quality where necessary. Then they will dominate high skill professions and enter politics. Then they will call for anti-white discrimination policies and for further Indian immigration while gradually taking more and more White women.

TW: Despite monarchy being perceived as an institution which defends tradition, most of the current European monarchies (among them Britain) seem to be the most hostile to their native populations and traditions. How would you explain it on the example of your country?

NC: What people need to realise about the current monarchs is they don’t wield real power and could be dissolved with relative ease. England had two Catholic Kings deposed in the 17th century by a coalition of Protestants and Jews. France lost theirs by the same enemy in the 18th and Russia lost theirs in the 20th.

The real power in the modern world is liberal ideology, the equality of man and the rule of merchants. What is happening now is just an attritional attack on White blood and our traditions by merchants and their envious slaves.

There has been a constant levelling of natural hierarchies for centuries, from the castes represented on the chess board to the republican melting pot ruled by Jews we see in the USA and France. From Achilles and Richard the Lionheart to LeBron James and Kylian Mbappe.

So, the question becomes, what do we do about it? Do we discard the Catholic church because Pope Francis has been too kind to Jews, gays and global capital? Do we discard King Charles III because he had some Blacks sing at his coronation and shills the climate change narrative?

I’ve come to believe we must live our traditions as truly as we can. Yesterday I went to Royal Ascot, the horse racing meeting. I dressed in a full suit, which is symbolic of military uniform. I cheered the King’s arrival, 10 metres from his carriage and then watched thoroughbred racehorses being tested for 4 hours. It’s hard to think of a day that represents our Indo-European heritage more closely than that.

Despite our modern situation being difficult in many ways, we have the possibility of great knowledge about ourselves, the universe and being. Archaeology, anthropology and genealogy have shown us our origins as marauding horseback pastoralists. Ancient Greek philosophy has shown us the value of reason, athletics, heroic action and theatre. Modern science has given us every technology we could imagine and profound mastery of nature and yet we feel impoverished and spiritually void.

Hence, we must hold our values and traditions dear, retaining our identity and drawing on the wisdom of our ancestors and the greatest men of Europe. We must resist joining the proletarian tearing down of rank because we feel betrayed or impoverished and instead propose a theology and politics to replace liberalism.

TW: Do you have any expectations towards the new British king?

NC: King Charles III has spoken before as if he’s reading directly from Guenon and I’m sure he’s read Roger Scruton’s work on beauty and architecture. So, from that perspective, I hope he can have a meaningful impact.

Unfortunately, he is quite unpopular with much of the population because they took the side of his former wife, the emotional young beauty Diana Spencer. She is famous for appealing for aid to Africa, standing up to the press, publicly accusing Charles of adultery and meeting her end in slightly mysterious circumstances.

In the gynocracy we live in, in the West, it’s usual for people to side with women and believe every sob story. In this case, the woe of one woman is enough for many Brits to ally with all the jealous Zulus and sepoys and call for a Republic. I will instead support monarchy and dream of a European Emperor, once again.

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