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„There might be some days in which all seems lost but remember, you are not doing this just for you, you are fighting for the bigger purpose.” interview with member of portugal organization Escudo Identitário

portugal nationalism

First, I would like you to introduce yourself and Escudo Identitário

Escudo Identitário was „born” in September 2017 after a peaceful protest at the University of Social and Human Sciences and a letter written to the board of the University for cancelling a conference speech by Jaime Nogueira Pinto, a well known politologist and writter from the right wing in Portugal.

Escudo Identitário has an identitarian point of view that looks to protect our almost milenar culture, history as well we seek to fight the current political scenario troughout our country as well in Europe, always prioritizing the one going on in Portugal.

What does your logo symbolize?

In our logo you can find the iberian lynx. This animal can be found in our wildlife scenario and has been in the iberian peninsula for a long time (circa 27,000 years) but, just like the portuguese identity is going extinct hence why we use this animal as representative of our militants.

Just like the iberian lynx, we are fighting to keep alive the portuguese culture, history and customs we have grown used to. Furthermore, we have the shield in which it’s represented the „quinas” of our portuguese flag, in which every single one of them it’s simbolized all the battles we had to define our borders.

What ideas do you represent? What are the most important subjects in your activities and why?

We represent the resistance, the youth that does not agree to be blind followers of the politically correct. We are proud of our roots, we honour our ancestors and what they did, we learn from them and retrieve what best can be applied to today’s reality and way of life. When it comes to activities, we do conferences, protests, solidarity actions, promote habits such sports and reading habits as well. We also promote everyday political activism, such as banner drops, glue signs and boards, stickers as well. We promote walks around the nature and the clean of natural parks within possible ways. Last but not least, we promote friendship and bonds within our militants.

How’s the Portuguese political scene looking right now? Are there any political parties with a national voice?

Currently the portuguese political scenario is monopolized by the mainstream media, in which the people im power have imposed upon the portuguese an oligarquic system that serves only a small amount of people, an elite that is the minority that holds the power.

Recently, on last January we had the presidencial elections which showed that a lot of people are waking up. As an example, we had the south of the country voting in a majority in the candidate André Ventura, the president of the political party CHEGA. He has brought some topics up to the public square that were tabu in the politically correct scenario and slowly has opened a window to topics we have been publicly debating beforehand. However, he is within the system and shows his true colours. By that we mean he most times gives into the social media pressure put on him.

Who’s Antonio Salazar for Portuguese? What can he inspire polish nationalists with?

Prof. António Oliveira Salazar for the left wing is seen as a dictator, an evil human being that ruled Portugal for almost 50 years. However, we can learn from him a lot. He was a great economist, he didn’t gave into external pressure made upon that time and as well restored the educational and health system, was a great political strategic person. Kept Portugal away from the World War II, which was a major factor to balance our public accounts and enrich the country.

In conclusion, we can learn the resiliance, the inteligence and preserverance he kept troughout his rulership of the country, restoring important and essencial public services as well preserving and saving the country from total bankrrupcy.

How important is religion for Portuguese nationalists?

The connection to religion is still important within ourselves altough we can not give an exact answer due to the fact you can find people that don’t follow the catholic/ christian religion or none whatsoever, or you can find pagans due to our historic background of the early tribes habiting in Portugal region (Lusitani) that were heavily practicing paganism and last but not least, you have as well a strong catholic/christian way of life that some follow as well strictly. However, the catholic principles are the foundation of our laws and we follow them. We can say that faith is present and is of extreme importance to portuguese, we are always connected to our religion in someway.

Recently, in Poland is very loud about abortion. It’s one of the subjects which makes Poles very quarrelsome. What is Portuguese view for abortion and lgbt community?

In Portugal we had a public referend in 2007 which caused a lot of protests both from the „yes” side and „no” side. In this referend the „yes” won in which the abortion could only take place within the first 10 weeks of the pregnancy. Before that, the law said that abortions could only take place if the pregnancy would endanger the woman and/or the baby, if the baby was diagnosed with a deficiency within the womb and in rape cases.

Portuguese people in general do not see this subject and the lgbt comunity matter as something to be frowned upon, however the Escudo Identitário strongly fights specially in public schools against the doctrine imposed by the Marxist left which states that abortions should be used as a counterceptive method and that it’s ok to have a teacher saying our children that they are not boys or girls based on their reproductive organs, they can be whatever they want.

We strongly oppose the doctrination and brainwash of our children and for them to be stripped of their innocence at such an young age. As well, our children are being taught that building a family is bad in an economical, political and even enviromental way, and the Escudo Identitário wants to protect the families from this poisonous doctrine.

Have you ever been to events organised by Polish nationalists?

Up to this moment no but in the future we are available and glad to participate in events organised by our polish mates.

Do you collaborate with other Portugese nationalists groups? And do you collaborate with nationalists in Europe?

The Escudo Identitário, the movement itself does not colaborate directly with national or international movements. However, when we hear that one of the movements is being stripped off their rights of protest and being banned and illegalized, we show our support in the fight against the modern world as well against the politically correct.

We also, if needed, exchange experiences and ways of thinking. We have held some conferences with others movements in the past.

What’s the biggest threat for Portugal now?

Currently we held two major fights: one being the cutural combat we are facing against cultural marxism aligned with the fact that migration laws are changing to the point in which any person can become a portuguese after a year of living in our country. Our nationality is being sold like this, allowing for legal and illegal immigrants to obtain our citizenship and nationality that easily.

These two threats combined are affecting massively our way of life and our culture and tradition.

How’s the nationalists calendar in Portugal? Which dates are the most important for you and which of your actions are the most popular?

In Portugal we have three important dates which we celebrate with no exception, which are: June 10th (Portugal’s day), October 5th (in the national calendar is marked as the imposal of the republic regime in 1910 but we celebrate the October 5th of 1143 in which Portugal was recognised as a nation for the first time) and last but not least, December 1st (date in which we restored portuguese power after it was taken by the spanish king).

In regards of our actions, the June 10th is the biggest celebration we host. We gather with veterans from the colonial war, a lot of people show up to celebrate Portugal’s day, we have drinks and food for everyone and last but not least we end up with a speech and a march. We celebrate this nationwide in the main cities: Lisbon, Porto and Braga.

What is the point of Portugal in your region and whole Europe?

Portugal in our point of view helds massive wealth, wether because we have an immense coastline, the weather changes according to regions perfectly and our borders are only contoured by Spain. We held one of the biggest sea areas for fishing, strategically we are well positioned.

In Europe, our importance relies in the fact we are one of the oldest nations formed, we held an immense culture as well we are fighters, heavily known troughout history to stand up and fight troughout any adversity.

At the end, do you have something to say to Polish nationalists?

What we can say is you are not alone. There might be some days in which all seems lost but remember, you are not doing this just for you, you are fighting for the bigger purpose. Be resiliant, smart, learn, grow as a person and fight. We do not stand alone, for one of us that falls, another two will rise.

Thank you for the interwiev

The interview was conducted by Krzysztof Kwaśny

Graphic design: Resistance Arts

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